Change by Design

How Design Thinking Transforms Organizations and Inspires Innovation

What is this book about?

Tim Brown tells about design-thinking methods and proves their effectiveness on different examples.  Design-thinking is the basis of innovative company and the most important characteristic of its leader. The book helps to rethink the business core, to understand customers better and find new ways of making a profit. You will read about: the reason why design-thinking exactly helps to solve your company problems; how to transforneeds into demand; main advantage of prototypes; the meaning of storytelling and so on.

Who is it useful for?

This book suits for pragmatic businessmen, who are designers in heart; for company leaders; project managers and everyone who wants to learn how generate new ideas and overcome the creative crisis. 

Who is the author?

Tim Brown
CEO and president of IDEO

Tim Brown is the CEO and president of IDEO. Independently ranked among ten most innovative companies in the world, IDEO is the global consultancy that contributed to such standard-setting innovations as the first mouse for Apple and the Palm V. 


“Brown writes with a winning combination of thoughtfulness, pragmatism and enthusiasm... He avoids the trap of presenting design thinking as a panacea. Mr. Brown charts its failures as well as successes…”

New York Times

“It’s like getting golf tips from Tiger Wood’s coach. Tim Brown’s firm IDEO has won more medals for innovative design than anyone in the world. If you want to be more innovative at work or in life, study with the coach of champions.”

Chip Heath
co-author of Made to Stick

“In his new book, the CEO of design shop IDEO shows how even hospitals can transform the way they work by tapping frontline staff to engineer change.”


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