Intercom on Product Management

Success starts with a great product

What is this book about?

The main goal of every startup is building a great product. This collection of lessons offers the guidance on the tough decisions you will face as a product manager. Making a product you need to focus on cohesion. Everything, from how a product is designed, engineered to its name and brand need to be marketed under a single vision. This book provides actionable frameworks for navigating the hard choices along the way, so that you can ship a product that people want, and will use time after time.

Inside the book:

1. how to evaluate your current product and spot areas for improvement

2. why“no”is the most important word in a product manager’s vocabulary

3. how to roll out new features and actually get them popular among customers

Who is it useful for?

Some helpful thoughts on the challenges of building software products from the team at Intercom. The software enables internet businesses to see who is using their product and makes it easy to communicate with them through email and in-app messages

Who is the author?

Des Traynor
co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer at Intercom

Des Traynor is co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer at Intercom. He previously co-founded Exceptional(nowa part of Rackspace) as well as Contrast, a software design agency. 


“This book gives you the tools to decide which features to improve, which features to ignore, and how to better address your customers.”

Head of Strategy, Basecamp

“Intercom takes their development frameworks, adds a bunch of honest learnings, and spins the pairing into a book with at least a dozen useful ideas for anyone building products.”

Partner, Homebrew

“This book provides actionable frameworks to help you drastically improve customer engagement, separating it from the generic advice out there.”

Co-founder and CTO at HubSpot

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