Great products start with real problems

What is this book about?

While creating a product a team always focuses on the customer’s needs. But why are 90% of startups closed? JTBD offers a new approach to the product audience. Its main thesis looks like following – it is impossible to build products of the future, focusing on users’ requests and expectations from a current product only. Data-driven concept is based just on the numbers and expectations of users from a current product, so its effectivity period is short-term. That is why it is replaced by design-driven approach.

However, it is not enough just to understand who your customer is. You need to look at the market from the inside. A customer has a task (job to be done) and looking for the best product to solve it. It is necessary to focus on the goal a user needs to achieve in certain circumstances. The main problem is that a company just try to improve its product. However, in the future somebody on the market can invent innovative product for solving this problem. It means, that a customer is going to forget about your offer.

Inside the book. JTBD’s tools:
Step 1. Identify your competitors correctly
Step 2. Understand your customers motivation
Step 3. Determine the direction from User story to Job story
Intercom’s offers tried and tested advice on how you should be thinking about business, growth and innovation.

Who is it useful for?

There are no restrictions what field the information can be used and who use it. It would be useful for top manager from developer’s company, mobile app designer or freelance photographer.
JTBD can be applied even in life and career planning. The key thing is not blindly follow all the instructions but consider what tools are suitable for you.

Who is the author?

Daniel Kahneman
Amos Tversky

Jobs To Be Done is based on Daniel Kahneman, Amos Tversky, Gary Klein  and other scientists proceedings who have studied the decision-making process. They try to answer following questions, when people are given their opinion, why they can accept irrational decisions or even act without exploiting and incoherently?
All of this began to turn into a methodology thanks to entrepreneur Bob Moesta and Clayton Christensen, Harvard business school Professor in the late of 1980s.


"Jobs-to-be-Done is the light that guides your product through the abyss. This book shows how you can apply it to any organization."

Bob Moesta
CEO ReWired Group

“This book brings Jobs-to-be-Done to life in a practical way. A must read for marketers and product owners.”

Amirita Chandra
Jobs-to-be-Done Practitioner

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