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According to NAR’s research, more than 80% of home buyers prefer using online resources for their property searches over hiring realtors. We reviewed major real-estate websites and found that although quality UX/UI design can remove a lot of problems during the decision making process of getting a home, certain important information was missing. What additional information do buyers need? Can things like images, maps, and locations help them calculate mortgages, find a bank to get a loan, or get contractors for repairs?

Despite the current era of digital transformation, the real-estate market remains under the control of the seller.

We propose
changing the rules
of the game

What if it was possible to buy a home from the comfort of one’s computer?

The process of choosing a new home, from picking a property, to moving, should be automated.

Our goal is to show that it is possible to streamline the process, thereby eliminating a lot of time-consuming steps.

Based on their budget, the service immediately chooses properties and offers previews.

Checking out a condo in the complex? On the profile page of the complex, there is detailed information about it, including infrastructure. Favorite options can be saved so that they can be returned to, before a specific unit is chosen.

Imagine how easy it would be to find an apartment if a customer could view all the possibilities on one resource! No need to search around from site to site, place to place in search of home sweet home.

Firstly, we need to understand preferences and, based on budget, we will present a list with suitable properties.

Like the unit but want to know a bit more about the people around you? We provide customers basic information about neighbors to help buyers make the right decision.

Seeing pictures of a location is important, but what about the view from the windows inside that you will look out of every day? Now, with the use of drones, it’s possible for buyers to have the views that they are curious about.

Daycares, schools, hospitals, public transit accessibility… How close is your future home to what you need?

Our service is partnered with a company specialized in major housing repairs. Buyers just need to pick a design and our service will do the rest. The cost of repairs is clearly defined at the time of the contract’s signing and will not change from the agreed upon price during the completion of the work.

Prices include: work, materials, organization, documentation, management, security, and warranties.Repair times are negotiated on an individual basis, so you will be prepared to plan your housewarming!

Here is where we change the rules of the game. Now, we make the banks fight for their clients. With borrowers having more transparency into the process, banks will need to compete and offer better, more attractive offers for buyers.

Giving customers this extra support line reinforces their confidence in you and allows you to quickly identify problems without the need of different intermediaries.