Eulerr’s process

**The philosophy**

We care about the customers: we give our feedback and listen to their thoughts to gain our aim of making a dream product. If something goes wrong or any obstacles appear — we immediately tell our customers about it to find the right decision together! We have our development experience, use multi testing, agile methodology (our adapted view on it) and many other features to make the top-level project for our customers!

**First steps**

Contacting our project managers is very always helpful. We discuss the project aims in total, conception, deadlines, risks, perspectives and a price. Price discussion it should be mentioned here. Our customers can choose one of many talented teams with fix hourly rate from 30$ to 50$. And we are to help here to make the right choice from team’s experience and customer’s needs point of view. Then we make a quick brief of the desired product’s functions and do the estimation to form a proposal that a customer receives via email. If everything matches customer’s expectations we move on with the chosen team.


We always start any project with a precise examine of our customer’s needs. It is so because it will cost significantly less than to change the design or already developed interfaces by adding missed functional bits. Therefore, our experienced analytics will choose one of the methodologies (interview, questionnaire, etc.) to obtain the requirements. If any further questions will come up from the developers or the testers as we pass on the Functional requirements to them straight after, there might be another iteration to have the clearest picture on what we are going to have in the end. As the result of the step our customer will have the final functional proposal that we will use as bible of the product we are to build. Moreover, each contact with a customer is supported by our project managers who are aware of the product’s initial industry (IoT, blockchain, VR, or something else) and have already a few successful completed projects of this type on their portfolio. Project managers at Eulerr are very accurate and precise about every detail. Numerous questions will be asked. And it’s necessary for both developers and customers to understand what do they REALLY need.

**To begin with…**

Different companies have their own work style, but here at Eulerr, we development/management process standards. The agile methodology will help to make the development flexible and fix things that you don’t like in a blink of an eye! Project managers at Eulerr are very accurate and precise about every detail. Numerous questions will be asked. And it’s necessary for both developers and customers to understand what do they REALLY need. The most frequent question asked from both developers and customers sides is “What we going to do now?” And answering this question is not as easy as it may seem! To give a correct answer we should find out:
  • What are the aims and goals of the project?
  • Who are the the target audience?
  • Who are the competitors?
  • How the site or application will be look like
Next thing we should do is to make a plan and a technical specification. When we already know about aims and goals, target audience, product’s requirements, technical specification contains more detailed information about the environment and integrations. Analyzing our customers answers we are creating the product’s structure, that will be the base of future design and features.  

**The prototype**

We make a simplified prototype of customer’s product to exclude mistakes or misunderstanding on the very first steps of building the product. Here work both analytics and designers as it is the moment when the carcass of the product is established. Our customer will gain the general idea of UX and how the declared functions will be set to the product.

**Design interface and conception**

Here, at Eulerr we really care about customers! So, our teams have professional and talented designers who have experience with not only interfaces but with product identity. Sense of art and style is the characteristic of staff that we have on board. We are agile, so we bring artefacts every 2 weeks. At this step the product is born and our customer can see and feel the product as apart from the design we do the animation and the business process within the product becomes clear. As a result, our customer will have fully designed product and a screen map. No dark corners will be left.  


We use the most popular and modern web and app development technologies! HTML5, CSS3, JS, parallax scrolling, WordPress, etc. We are familiar with whole range of existing programming languages and frameworks! We always explain our technological choices and the time expenses that they may cost to the customer.  

**A few words about agile**

Why we are agile? Because it is flexible and we can move forward by delivering bit after bit by 2 weeks sprints. More important here is that our customer does not need to wait long to meet the product and we deliver artefacts often and can build the progress gradually. Feedback from the customer is important here as we can adjust the product easily. So, the first thing that should be build are the features most important for customer business. The customer decides which functions should be implemented first (the highest priority) and which are not so important (the lowest priority). As soon as the main features are completed customers product (it’s MVP version) may be promoted or even bring some profits. While we build the product the customer is able to add delete and replace the order of developing features! Also, the process is very clear for customers! We have an inbuild chat with project manager and the development team, so everything is under control 24/7. Here the agile theme is covered in a few words. Please follow the Eulerr’s blog to find out more.  

**The quality control**

Proactive testing — is code review, so when developers complete tasks they pass on the increments to the team leads to be reviewed. The method guarantees the code quality. We always involve testers in the beginning of the project as they have enormous user experience and can avoid mistakes even on the documentation stage. Our testers use multi-level testing, starting from functional and ending with regress. As soon as each development step is completed testers analyze the products’s possible vulnerabilities and hack-security. This approach guarantees the reliability of the system!   On top of that, we offer usability-testing. The aim is to make the product more user-friendly by showing it to someone who didn’t take part in the development. We deliver testing results to discuss the priorities and evolve the most efficient plan together with the customer. The more we test the more polished the product becomes. Our view seems to be picture perfect, but real development life brings its own corrections to it. We are not afraid and ready to share our experience. Follow Eulerr’s blog.

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