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Why does your startup need Minimum Viable Product?


The main goal of MVP is to get meaningful feedback from potential users, learn about  their needs and realise if they are interested in your idea and ready to pay for it. MVP for startups doesn’t mean something row or done in haste. MVP contains only key features, which relevance must be proved. So, to create MVP developers need to have minimum time. MVP allows to reduce time and start to get a real feedbacks about your product.

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Lean Startup methodology

MVP based on special methodology which call Lean Startup. Lean Startups use the Agile methods to make some small changes or even to modify the whole conception with minimal effort. This method is equally efficient for both “Garage startups” and serious projects with good financing. Lean Startup main conceptions are:

— Deliver first viable product version as fast as possible.

— Continuous change of functions and options of product in accordance with customers’ feedback.

What we offer

for Startups websites: design concept, website design, adaptive design for mobile devices, Frontend and Backend, Google analytics setup.

for mobile application: design concept, design, development, publishing in App store or Google Play.

Our teams did the following Startups MVP

We will make Running personal again!

Team: Omega-R .

Running Records, Inc is an American company that develops various workout programs and created a mobile running trainer-app some time ago.
Their app idea was to allow users to choose running program based on users’ individual physical shape and goals they would like to achieve. All included programs were created by professional certified running instructor.

We will make Running personal again!

Take a ride to the bright future with Fasten!

Team: Rutorika .

Fasten does more than find you a ride in no time, we do it in a way that is fair for everyone.
So, Fasten is a taxi service in US competiting with Uber, Lyft and itself.
The goal was to develop such useful, fast, and client-oriented as the service itself web site! And also, mobile oriented with IOS and Android applications and adaptive web design!

Take a ride to the bright future with Fasten!

The Process

Your site or app will be made by one of the professional agile teams for one month and the process would be the following:

1.  After you fill the form below you will be contacted by an experienced project manager.

2. Then you will sign an NDA and discuss next things: general aims, conception, deadlines, risks, and perspectives. Then we move on with the chosen team.

3. Making a research of your competitors and  creating better product than they’ve got.

4. Your team create MVP prototype.

5. Creating the UI, using all actual technologies and trends.

6. We develop the service together.

Create new Startup MVP project

We offer the Agile startup web development methodology for your projects, what means that you will see the results of our work every two weeks and the final project will be flexible if you’d want to change the conception or anything else.

Is this a new or existing project?

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