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Eulerr is a transparent platform of professional Android app developers. We hire a team, which include UX Specialist, UI Specialist, Frontend Android app Developer, Back-end Developer and Analyst, who will discuss your startup idea.

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We know, that every app startup company begins with an idea, that main goal is innovating human life or making things easier. Many startups bring innovative products and services, which people haven’t seen before. The possible idea of a startup in the very beginning can be underestimated, but not always. The reason is that many ideas began with just mobile apps and then they turned out to profitable companies. We offer you to rebrand your project, upgrading it using android mobile app. We hire a team of agile app developers instead of you. And now we are going to tell you how it works.

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The creation of mobile applications include many steps. There are internal logic of the application, UX/UI design and backend. It is your minimum kit, if you want to create something more complicated than a calculator or e-book reader.

The interface and design of mobile applications are important because the first thing that users see after installation is design. The company can easily lose the competitors, If you choose not to invest in high quality design for mobile applications.

Startups based on mobile apps

Haven’t you ever ask yourself next question: why majority of startups are based on mobile apps and aren’t based on, for example, web development or web design?
Main reason is that nowadays everyone like to have all the information on their handset. Not just this, there are other advantages of having a mobile app. For instance, navigation here is convenient, functionality is faster, you need less storage space on servers and it is stronger enough to handle web traffic and so on. User can have access to smartphone for seconds and everywhere.

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We believe, that an app based on startup can have success. Here some reasons:

Meeting of technologically knowledgeable audience
When startup that based on app is launched, it attracts the audience. Using great PR, people will find out about these apps through different means. Most of these people keep an eye on the technological updates, and they will be the first, who find out about your app.

Get a wider user base
Using your mobile OS as the first platform, you have a chance to get a wider range of users. People will search your app in stores themselves, if they your product attracts them. Haven’t you referred a cool mobile app to anyone?

Social Media
Thanks to the social media websites like Facebook and Twitter, where you can advertise your app or make your startup’s blog. People will be attracted if they see a live blog.

Why Should Startups focus on Android Application Development?

According to worldwide statistic, smartphone market grew 10% every year, and “green robot” has absolute dominates the smartphone market. It is share of 85% giving tough competition to other mobile OSs.

In 2016 Google proposed an event, where the company announced that there are 1.4 billion active Android devices worldwide. Also, CEO Sundar Pichai said that number of devices has doubled in 2016 in India and Vietnam.

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We’ve already know, that Google’s OS is a market leader in smartphones market. Of course, this fact influences on business area, because businesses are making a huge chunk of revenues by shifting their online business through mobile apps. Obviously, for faster growth and to be successful mobile app startup companies must target android audience. There are some business advantages that startup can get through android development:

Ample of opportunities. 

Millions of apps are downloaded every day from Play Market. It means, that users are constantly looking for new apps. If startup focus on creating Android app and showcase it capability of innovating, then there are ample of opportunities in the market to be catered to.

Fast investment return. 

Android is an open-source platform, so development costs for startup are very low. SDK, Android Studio, FireBase and many other tools are free for mobile app developing.. The only investment should be directed to labor force and advertising.

Higher productivity.
Mobile developers can save their nervous because of a large number of open-source libraries, also friendly community can help you any time. Available scripts can save developers’ time. They will develop particular feature not from scratch. Therefore, creating can be finished much faster and app launch immediately in the Play Market.

In 2016 Google made Kotlin as the third official programming language for Android development. Kotlin is faster, safer, easier and compatible with all Java’s tools. Kotlin is the next step of creating mobile apps. You can read our blog to learn more.

Live in Theater

Team: Omega-R .

Created in collaboration with Live In Theater, AR Camera will allow you to travel into the 60's and see through the eyes of the legendary photographer of Life magazine Bill Eppridge as he creates astonishing photographs of two heroin addicts John and Karen in the interactive outdoor experience "J & K 1965". The experience takes place on the streets of New York City's Lower East Side this summer.

Live in Theater

BLOCKS Android and IOS game

Team: Flat12 .

BLOCKS is an inspiring and fascinating puzzle-game, developed by flat12 team. Main features are:
Possibility to cooperate with friends, nice infinite gameplay, minimalistic design with 2 main themes - dark and light.

BLOCKS Android and IOS game


Team: Rutorika .

Fasten does more than find you a ride in no time, we do it in a way that is fair for everyone.
So, Fasten is a taxi service in US competiting with Uber, Lyft and itself.



Team: YouRockDude .

Stay one step ahead of weather conditions with PolarPro!

Founded with the simple mission to improve the outdoor filming experience, PolarPro designs products to help you capture the most epic content possible. With headquarters located in Costa Mesa, CA, its team of adventure-seeking photographers and videographers aim to develop products inspired by real experiences, that solve real problems. With a wide range of custom-designed products, we offer the solutions you need to capture high-quality content wherever your adventures may take you.


Well-tested process of developing

At Eulerr our main goal is to deliver the product ASAP. Firstly, you can connect with our product manager and explain what you need. He helps to choose appropriate a team of custom app Android developers with expertise relevant to your field. Then we clarify all details and propose visual solution. During the process we use sprints, each two weeks a team brings results. The sprints can easily be reorganized in accordance to your needs. More important here is that you don’t need to wait long to meet the product and you can follow the progress constantly.

No risk

The first two-weeks period is trial. Only after complete satisfying with the results, we will charge you for the time and continue with our collaboration.

Create the best mobile application! No risk, no fees. We practice
 only performance payment.

Mobile applications are hard to overestimate! That is one of the best tools to provide your service and to make it easily accessable for anyone.

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