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There is a widespread talk of Blockchain technology, but almost everybody believes that this technology is applied only to cryptocurrency. It is a mistake, because it has a great amount of alternative uses. Let’s consider about blockchain technology solutions for your startup.

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Eulerr is a transparent platform with professional blockchain developers. We offer you to upgrade your project and give a positive impression to your clients comparing with an ordinary software development. We hire a team of agile developers, whose main goal would be to stand out your product from the crowd. And now we are going to tell you how it works.

Why is it a revolutionary in IT-world?

Blockchain is a distributed database, which storage devices are not connected to a common server, but located at the same time on all devices.

Adding of a new block must be confirmed by all members of the network and after confirmation of procedure the registry on all devices automatically updated. It means that the appearance of each link adds information about it in all databases.

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If you’re interested in building a blockchain you need to learn the main advantages of this technology:

High speed and accuracy of transactions.

The widespread use of this technology influences on the whole information world of programming, because Blockchain software makes transactions, involving a risk of a breach of obligations by one party of transaction, safer. For changing even one block of information requires unrealistically huge capacity, so, they are virtually invulnerable.

Identification and confirmation of access rights.

Some major corporations have already used the Blockchain technology to identify workers and customers. Moreover, the system is used to provide access to the internal information. This method of proof turned out to be more reliable and cheaper. ID based on the blockchain will replace the names and passwords of online users in the nearest future.

Transparency of operations and encryption of information.

Data, which forms the link is automatically encrypted. Complete protection of the stored information provides cryptography.

Blockchain is guaranteed the permanence of the whole chain of operations due to hash. At the same time, digital signatures and private keys protect the data inside the link from unauthorized access.

Confirmation of transaction with property rights.

To confirm and transfer the rights of ownership can be almost instantly using the Blockchain developing. It is enough for owner to make notes relating to the variation of rights and they immediately become available in all blocks of the system. Blockchain developer helps to create a log that indicates who is the owner of the building or a land and all transactions of purchase and selling. As a result, it is possible to avoid fraud of any kind or manipulation.

The exclusion of intermediaries (e.g. law firms, Bank, notary). Smart contracts

Some blockchain platforms like Ethereum includes the ability to create smart contracts.

Services, which include the contract terms between the parties and keep them in the blockchain, are able to executes the agreement under certain conditions specified in the contract automatically. Thus, excluding any middlemen or regulating parties, reducing various costs and bureaucratic costs, as well as any interference of a third party.

For blockchain application development of shopping services, it is possible to connect the data from the contract of purchase and sale with GPS. As a result, the smart contract will transfer the payment to the supplier and to the carrier when the “package” arrives at the final destination automatically.

Another example of using the blockchain technology is to track the supply chain that gathers, produces and sells the final product. Sometimes the chains are so large that it is difficult to track all traffic.

The list of spheres, where it is possible to use this technology, is constantly growing.

So, what areas it is possible to use Blockchain. Here are some good examples.

Onename is a blockchain application, which was developed to build Passcards and  use the technology called the Blockchain Name System, or BNS. The technology is similar to the Domain Name System, but it is more safer. Also, there are no trusted parties or “root servers”, and it’s completely decentralized. Recently a special Passcard was released by Onename. It is said that in the near future traditional documents will be replaced by new digital format.

Ascribe is a service, created to help artists to confirm and maintain the copyright. The service allows to create a digital publication with unique identifiers and digital certificates to confirm the authenticity. In addition, there is a transfer of the ownership from the artist or author to the buyer or collector, including legal aspects.

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