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Eulerr is a transparent platform with user experience and user interface designers and developers. No doubts, there are many ideas, your ideas, that can change our life forever (or just make it more convenient). Nevertheless, even a great idea can be underestimated and, as a result, disappear without a trace. We hire a team of agile developers, whose main goal would be to stand out your product from the crowd and make your startup development company popular. Our developers are ready to work with different product whether it app or website. And now we are going to tell you how it works.

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We must mention, that many confuse difference between UX and UI. UX and UI designers are two completely different positions. However, it isn’t a surprise, when a entrepreneur hire a one person for both of this position to make app or mobile interface.

First of all, let’s see how important ux/ui design for your project. You probably began your startup, trying to cut down on budget and saving some dollars. Let’s imagine that your product is a specific or you are alone in that market. So, you have enough clients, but, nevertheless, if the market increases, be sure, you will lose the path of offers.  Startups don’t have the brand recognition that well-known corporations, so for both websites and mobile apps, design is a key factor to represent the products of the company in a better way.

What is the most important in ux/ui design for beginning projects?

User Experience Design includes different UX components, such as Information Architecture, User Interface, interaction design, graphic design and content.

User Interface Development (visual design) includes a set of graphic design elements (for example, checkboxes, buttons and others). To summarise, UI design is about how a user sees your product and UX design connects with how the user perceive your product. Development of user interfaces is necessary for absolutely different startups to optimize interaction  between a user and a project and make it more effective and convenient. So, web standards, responsive and mobile friendly design, color and web design usability standards are the main requirements here.

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First of all, every single page needs to have a specific call to action. These actions should be clear for a particular end-user. Logically collected items must be grouped together to the screen and, in contrary, items that have nothing in common with each other should be separated.

Effective contests and labels is the next step of productivity. The text which is displayed on the screen is a primary source of information about your digital product. Your messages should be set out correctly.

What do you need – a wireframe or a prototype.

The terms of ‘wireframe’ and ‘prototype’ are always get confused just like  UX and UI. So, let’s make these two terms clearly. Wireframe is a main structure of your product. The direct targets are to describe UI, to present information groups and to draw the structure of outline and layout. The main advantage of using wireframe is the speed and low cost, especially with using tools like Mockplus, Balsamiq or Axure. Sometimes user interface designers need to increase the fidelity of wireframes to indicate the rationality of interaction between fast test and the visual elements. Such interactive wireframes could be useful in presentation of your startup to investors.

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Be careful, the wireframe and the final product may seem unrelated, so a layman may not understand the link and operation mode between them.

The prototype’s requirements are much more higher even than interactive wireframe, fitting the final user interface. The aim of prototypes is obvious enough to simulate the cooperation between user and interface as realistically as possible. Making prototype is a great way to test a product and ux designs. In the very beginning it save a time and developing cost, what is so important for startups. Moreover, it reduces the effort of back-end product architecture due to reckless interactive user interface designing. Prototyping helps to collect feedbacks of your clients to find all details of your product.

Why we act better than ui and ux design company?


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First of all, we don’t work with freelancers. In our personal opinion, one separate person even from successful agency can’t in a short period work in all areas at once.

Our teams are groups of masters in user experience web design whose aim is to surprise your clients by creating unique digital product.

Our product manager helps to choose a team for your project, which would satisfy your needs. We have more than 50 teams and each team has knowledge about user experience, usability testing and possess fluency of standard design software. Our teams have an experience with international companies and brands and have a high rating. They are fluent in English, both writing and speaking.


Team: Salt and Pepper .

The webpage was built as a part of a pre-order campaign for Daatrics Ltd, a healthcare startup founded in London, introducing their innovative product - next-generation baby monitor. Neebo is a tiny bracelet for babies up to 5 years old which monitors heart rate, oxygen saturation, thermal state and sound in the baby's environment and notify parents in case of necessity. Our team was engaged in making the programming part of the web app.



Team: Salt and Pepper .

A new website for a German tech and business consulting company designed to stand out from the crowd with an expert touch to evoke users' interest in company services & job openings.



Team: Rutorika .

Fasten does more than find you a ride in no time, we do it in a way that is fair for everyone.
So, Fasten is a taxi service in US competiting with Uber, Lyft and itself.


If you’re still not sure

The first two-weeks period is trial. If your expectations doesn’t match the reality, we change a team to find more appropriate decision. Only after complete satisfying with the results, we will charge you for the time and continue with our collaboration.

Start a new project. No risk, no fees. We practice only
performance payment.

Our professional designers make beautiful and unique Websites and Mobile Apps for Startups

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