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Nowadays, the education industry is being modified by technologies. Just remember about remote education, online learning marketplaces or virtual learning spaces.

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Eulerr is a transparent platform with user experience and user interface designers and developers. No doubts, learning isn’t easy for all of us, so you have a chance to create something, what can totally change the way of educational process (or just make it sweeter). Nevertheless, even a great educational source can be underestimated and, as a result, haven’t seen among other more qualitative services. We hire a team of agile developers, whose main goal would be to develop a user-friendly educational platform or mobile app for consuming learning content. And now we are going to tell you how it works.

Creating educational platform, you should understand that you make a digital product and its success generally depends on the execution. One of the biggest strengths of the educational platforms and mobile app is their simplicity and intuitive interface. These two things are major because a user evaluate them after installing or before (be sure, almost everybody views the screenshots at the shop choosing app). If you decide not to invest in high quality design for educational application or website interface, your project can easily lose a path of clients.

Become the teacher that students love

User Experience Design includes different UX components, such as Information Architecture, User Interface, interaction design, graphic design and content. The learning content in your service can be presented in the form of courses, classes, documents or video.

Learners can access their course schedule, consume course content  (for instance, files, documents, presentations, videos, links etc.), attend live classes, get real-time notifications for important activities using the mobile app. So, you have a great choice of collaboration your app with a user.

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UX design means a complex approach to user interaction with the interface, whether a website, mobile app or any other product in work of the firm. Even if your UI isn’t the most trendy, but the sequence of registering for and the architecture of executing an online course is intelligently, your app is a reference worth considering. An UX engineer should take into account all things, starting from the type of the electronic device and the entering and presentation of information.

User Interface Design (visual design) includes a set of graphic design elements (for example, checkboxes, buttons and others). Their main goal of ui design is organizing the interaction between mobile app or website and a user. There are some rules of UI design:

1. Elements of the interface should be logically structured.

2. Elements of the interface should be consolidated into groups of logically related forms.

3. Uniform style of the elements

Creating a pleasant private workspace is one of the main reason for making UI design.

Our teams did the following projects in Web Design, UX/UI for Education

Become an Englishman with UK Study Centre

Team: Sponge .

Established in 2006, UK Study Centre is an educational agency that provides consultancy, private tuition and guardianship services to parents and pupils in the British education system. So, Sponge has done the rebranding and website for them.

Become an Englishman with UK Study Centre

Google’s 9th May

Team: Appstockus .

World War II was really shocking and epic for the whole world! In Russia, WWII is not as important as The Great Patriotic War, which begun in 1941. Millions of people were dead!

All of them had a person or persons to write to. Giving the letters from those times new life we will remember the heroic acts of bravery of Russian people, fighting against Hitler!

Google’s 9th May

Why we act better than ui and ux design company?

First of all, we don’t work with freelancers. In our personal opinion, one separate person even from successful agency can’t in a short period work in all areas at once. Only a group of masters in UI/UX design, which has made successful startups in education area.

Talented developers are unlikely to implement a successful educational project on a client’s budget and time, if they don’t have similar experience before. For this reason, we have teams specializing in this sphere.

We have more 50 teams with an experience in solutions of a great amount of cases. There is a strict selection of teams, only the best will take an opportunity to work on your project. Each member of a team has recommendations and portfolio. Our workers always are real people with their own offices. Our teams have an experience with international companies and brands and have a high rating.

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Our professional designers make beautiful and unique Websites and Mobile Apps.

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