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Management of finance and accounts has been actual issue for a long time. With the advent of IT technologies, it has new opportunities, connected with creating new digital products and aimed to help people to track, manage and make electronic transactions of their cash flows both professionally and individually. So, designers need to develop a product with the extended database for tracking financial flows or changes, and probably data visualization.

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Your application can have two versions – desktop with advanced toolbar and mobile variant, which will present in a light version. As a rule, web dashboard is more informative variant of presenting extended variety of statistic for a particular period of time.

Many people don’t like banks because they don’t understand how they work. Banks offer a lot of services, but its customers use only few of them due to misunderstanding. User Experience Design includes different UX components, such as Information Architecture, User Interface, interaction design, graphic design and content.

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UX design means a complex approach to user interaction with the interface, whether a website or mobile app. Complex multi-feature solutions have to be transformed into user-friendly, intuitive interfaces that are portable to different platforms and resolutions. An UX engineer should take into account all things, starting from the type of the electronic device and the entering and presentation of information to reinvent this system to make this sphere more transparent and user-friendly.

To illustrate UI importance, let’s take an example. Imagine, you invested a lot to promote your product to the tops of search engine. However, it isn’t convenient enough. In this case, a great number of user leaves your page because they can’t find the information they need. The process of developing a product begin with user research and product-feature audits. The main our goals are offering you tools that provide key insights and implementing key screens in wireframes allowed us to deliver products to test your main hypothesis.

User Interface Design (visual design) includes a set of graphic design elements (for example, checkboxes, buttons and others). Their main goal of ui design is organizing the interaction between mobile app or website and a user.

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For finance product it is important to present statistics for the particular period and the interface layout should attract users’ attention to the interactive zones of key importance. It is possible to overview core blocks in the dashboard or enable navigation zone in the menu.

There are some rules of UI design:

1. Elements of the interface should be logically structured.

2. Elements of the interface should be consolidated into groups of logically related forms.

3. Uniform style of the elements

Another visual essential detail for financial product are graphs and markers, presenting actual financial changes.

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UI of mobile app has the other core focus of functionality. First of all it is concentrated on having the user informed about all transactions of the current days and enables to add new data in different environments and on the go.

To sum up, UX/UI design tasks:

1. selection of appropriate tools for achieving the goals

2. development of the convenient product

3. analyzing of the final result

Our teams did the following Finance projects in Web Design, UX/UI


Team: Rutorika .

Fasten does more than find you a ride in no time, we do it in a way that is fair for everyone.
So, Fasten is a taxi service in US competiting with Uber, Lyft and itself.


GR capital

Team: Sponge .

After looking at their new logo, GR Capital were so happy that they have asked Sponge to create a web site for them! We have developed clean and interactive site! Nothing that will distract your attention from the most important things!

GR capital

Walters Homes

Team: Salt & Pepper .

For this project, we have partnered with NYC based design agency Fantasy to develop Walters Homes. This company builds custom homes along the New Jersey shore and holds such awards as builder of the Year, ENERGY STAR® Market Leader, and many others

Walters Homes

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Our product manager helps to choose a team for your project, which would satisfy your needs. We have more than 50 teams and each team has knowledge about user experience, usability testing and possess fluency of standard design software. Our teams have an experience with international companies and brands and have a high rating. They are fluent in English, both writing and speaking.

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