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Eulerr is a transparent platform of professional business app developers. We offer you to upgrade your project by creating a mobile app. We hire a team of agile app developers instead of you. And now we are going to tell you how it works.

We have more 50 teams and each team has an experience in solutions of a great amount of cases. We don’t work with freelancers. In our personal opinion, one separate person can’t in a short period work in all areas at once. We offer teams, which have already been success in app development. A team includes UX Specialist, UI Specialist, Frontend Web Developer, Back-end Developer. You can ask a question why are all members necessary?

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Well, let’s look. UX/UI designers are important, because user interface is the first thing that users see, but if user experience won’t be user-friendly, that neither fashionable decor doesn’t fix this. To learn more about UX/UI design, visit our blog.

To make website working you should hire front-end and back-end developers. A front-end developer make elements like tap gestures and animations, using languages like HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Simply put, front-end developers make your website appearance, and back-end developer make internal logic of your website and interaction with server.

Education for Kids

Try giving an smartphone, or pad to a children. What do you think will happen? Children will quickly get into grips and play with the device. Many researches have been conducted around parents, who allow their children to use their mobile devices. According to Nielsen report, children use tablets:

77% – to play downloaded games

57% – for educational purposes

55% – for entertainment while traveling

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Nowadays, education is moving towards greater interactivity and going mobile. Mobile apps give a possibility to study anywhere at anytime, so that is main reason of popularity. Educational games for toddlers, pre-schoolers and the older children are greatly admired by the mobile device owners. The educational app market is booming and further growth is expected. Almost everyone with relevant experience is trying at developing an app for children. And booming means competitive, so you should do your best if you want to stay on top of the market.

New way to get information in education institution

In 21’st century, the IT century, private kindergarten, prep school and universities are obligated to have their own mobile app, but not all understand it, and that’s your chance to become more competitive. Mobile app allow you to do the same routine things easier. For example, there are:
Checking a home work and make it, for example, a test.
Pay for education
Follow the administration news
Chats for children and parents

Gamification in Education

Many services offer you to educate many disciplines, using game characteristics. For example, CodeCombat allows you learn the programming at Python, Java Script and many other programming languages through the game, that simulate a usual online-RPG.
Or service “Knowre”, that provides a funny and unboring process of math learning for pupils.

Also, gamification use for study foreign languages, like Lingualeo. There you have a lion, called Leo, which follows you through the study process, helps you, and notifies you about exercise. Some of them has a mobile app, other no.

Anyway, existence of mobile app increase loyalty of your audience and attract new clients. According to statistics at average 1.2 million US students fail to graduate from high school every year. The main reason for this is the loss of the interest. At the same time 28 million people per day harvest their crops on Farmville. So, gamification has tremendous potential in educational process. Web sites provide fun and accessible ways to explore real and virtual worlds, experiment with technology and use games to build math and science skills.

Our teams did the following Mobile projects in Education

Skolkovo Social Net iPhone App

Team: KingBird .

Skolkovo is a Russian Silicon Valley, the place where most important and innovative ideas are born. Skolkovo Link mobile application will help the students of Skolkovo Moscow Management School to find each other and communicate better.

Skolkovo Social Net iPhone App

Become an Englishman with UK Study Centre

Team: Sponge .

Established in 2006, UK Study Centre is an educational agency that provides consultancy, private tuition and guardianship services to parents and pupils in the British education system. So, Sponge has done the rebranding and website for them.

Become an Englishman with UK Study Centre

Google’s 9th May

Team: Appstockus .

World War II was really shocking and epic for the whole world! In Russia, WWII is not as important as The Great Patriotic War, which begun in 1941. Millions of people were dead!

All of them had a person or persons to write to. Giving the letters from those times new life we will remember the heroic acts of bravery of Russian people, fighting against Hitler!

Google’s 9th May

Well-tested process of developing

At Eulerr the main goal is to deliver the product ASAP. You connect with our product manager and explain what you need. He or she helps to choose appropriate team of web developers. Then we clarify all details and propose visual solution. We use sprints, that help you to monitor each two weeks a team results. The sprints can easily be reorganized in accordance to your needs.

The first two-weeks period is trial. Only after complete satisfying with the results, we will charge you for the time and continue with our collaboration.

Create the best mobile application! No risk, no fees. We practice only
performance payment.

Mobile applications are hard to overestimate! That is one of the best tools to provide your service and to make it easily accessable for anyone.

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