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Even a few years ago you need to visit a shop to purchase necessary for you good. Nowadays, web ecommerce development allows consumers to electronically exchange goods and services with no barriers of time or distance. For the past five years it has expanded and it is predicted that more and more businesses move sections of their operations onto the Internet.

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Business owners are looking for appropriate ecommerce website design and development company as well built foundation. The main goal of effective platform is serving a customer in a faster and productive way.

There are many SMC that allow you to launch your site without deep technical knowledge of its working principles or company’s web design skills. There you can find a lot of standart templates without any difficulties. However, not every idea fits into a template. So, to reflect the personality of your idea, you need something unique. Eulerr is a transparent platform with ecommerce web developers, whose main goal would be to reflect the personality of your business through the website.

What tips should be taken into account for making an effective web source?


Use simple navigation without too many sub-items. It is important for readability of your website through mobile device.

Well-Organized Product Listing

Catalog of your goods must be clear and descriptive. Every listing page needs to contain well structured categories, easy to define and navigate.

Product Descriptions

Detailed description and qualitative pictures affect on a customer’s attitude to your website.

Customer Support Service

To gain the trust of your customers, you need to be opened in communication with your clients. For example, you can use phone or email to contact with them. Moreover, live chat support is a great way to improve customer satisfaction.

Checkout Process

Checkout process shouldn’t be time-consuming or difficult, but convenient and enjoyment. Nevertheless, the  foundation of effective ecommerce web source is friendly user interface and user experience. However, its development is the main  website cost.

Let’s choose ecommerce site builder

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Shopify. This platform is a user-friendly and it contains all tools you need to create, launch and manage a successful business. Shopify is a complete plug and play ecommerce solution. You need to establish your brand online, choose the theme you like (there is an enormous amount of both free and premium themes) and fill in the sections of content.

It’s important to point out that Shopify uses their own liquid framework.

Liquid is an template language written in Ruby and available on GitHub as an open source project. All Shopify themes based on liquid and is used to load dynamic content to the pages of online stores.

So, shopify offers fully adoptation of your website, adding new sales channels, managing unlimited products and inventory, fulfilling orders in a single step, tracking sales and growth trends, support is available 24/7. Over 100 international payment gateways supported.

The software includes, shopping cart (with automatic taxes), website builder, web hosting, store management, marketing tools, back-end functionality, customer relationship management and etc.

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Magento. Magento presents you a completely customizable online store. It is an open-source ecommerce website development service that provides you with an online store that looks, feel, and function exactly the way you desire it. If you want to manage more than one online store, Magento gives you the liberty to manage them from one dashboard. It is a download software, thus it will run only on your local computer, through your own development programs.

The main difference between shopify and magento is that the first is suitable for most of the small to mid e-commerce stores. Magento is for those who really want to make a large business. It offers a lot of marketing tools, that allows to segment customers.

Prestashop. PrestaShop is a freemium, open ecommerce website builder. The software is published under the Open Software License (OSL). This highly customizable product, written in PHP, supports all the major payment services, translated in many languages and localized for many countries. Moreover, it has a fully responsive design (both front and back office).

Web Development technologies


What technologies in web development our teams can offer exactly?


Using WordPress, you can easy transform you website by personalized blog, change site eye catching themes, or using extra plugins. WordPress gives you a lot of opportunities to make your site unique.

Angular JS development

Angular JavaScript development services provide highly interactive and data driven web applications with optimum quality standards. This technology is the best for Front-End development.

Python Development

Masters of Python Developers fulfil the requirements in a logical and creative manner, so that can make much perfect customer-centric e commerce web for your business.

How we do our work

In contrast to other ecommerce web design companies, we don’t work with freelancers. In our personal opinion, one separate person can’t in a short period do the best in all these areas at once. Only a group of masters in custom ecommerce website development. We have more than 50 teams and each team has an experience in solution of a great amount of cases.

Our teams did the following projects in E-commerce

Magnit Website Design

Team: Rutorika .

Website that will attract investors. Simple and minimalistic design.

Magnit Website Design

PARADOX Branding and Naming

Team: Sponge D&D .

Paradox is a unique soft furniture store. Sponge team has created the breathtaking puzzle-logo that may be used in different ways, accordingly to situation and imagination)

PARADOX Branding and Naming

Well-tested process of development

At Eulerr the main goal is to deliver the product ASAP. You connect with our product manager and explain what you need. He or she helps to choose appropriate team of ecommerce web developers with expertise relevant to your field. Then we clarify all details and propose visual solution. We use sprints, that help you to monitor each two weeks a team results. The sprints can easily be reorganized in accordance to your needs.

The first two-weeks period is trial. Only after complete satisfying with the results, we will charge you for the time and continue with our collaboration.

Start a new project. No risk, no fees. We practice only
performance payment.

Our professional teams of designers and developers make beautiful and unique Websites.

Is this a new or existing project?

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What type of project are you building?

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