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Education institutions need to harness the web to attract clients and build the power of their brands. The main feature for developing an education website is improving communications with current students, parents, alumni and supporters.

Nowadays, the education industry doesn’t mean only creation of websites and web portals for school, just remember about remote education, online learning marketplaces or virtual learning spaces.

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Eulerr is a transparent platform with professional web developers, whose main goal would be to build solutions for the education industry including schools, non-profits, charters and universities.

Websites for educational institution

We help kindergartens, schools, universities and education organizations use the web for collaboration with students and parents. All that earlier you need to learn by teacher or class matters, now is available in one internet page. Moreover, to learn about school news or pay for educational process is much more easier using special service.

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Online learning and classrooms

The learning content in your service can be presented in the form of courses, classes, documents or video. Learners can access their course schedule, consume course content  (for instance, files, documents, presentations, videos, links etc.), attend live classes, get real-time notifications for important activities using the mobile app. So, you have a great choice of collaboration your app with a user.

Gamification of the learning process

According to statistics at average 1.2 million US students fail to graduate from high school every year. The main reason for this is the loss of the interest. At the same time 28 million people per day harvest their crops on Farmville. So, gamification has tremendous potential in education process. Websites provide fun and accessible ways to explore real and virtual worlds, experiment with technology and use games to build math and science skills.

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Create education website, you need to design a great user experience and user interface design.

User Experience Design includes different UX components, such as Information Architecture, User Interface, interaction design, graphic design and content.

Learners can access their course schedule, consume course content  (for instance, files, documents, presentations, videos, links etc.), attend live classes, get real-time notifications for important activities using the mobile app. So, you have a great choice of collaboration your app with a user.

UX design means a complex approach to user interaction. It should be taken into account all things, like entering and presentation of information.

User Interface Design (visual design) includes a set of graphic design elements (for example, checkboxes, buttons and others). Their main goal of web education development is organizing the interaction between mobile app or website and a user.

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Creating a pleasant private workspace is one of the main reason for making UI design.

Web Development technologies


What technologies in web development our teams can offer exactly?


Using WordPress, you can easy transform you website by personalized blog, change site eye catching themes, or using extra plugins. WordPress gives you a lot of opportunities to make your site unique.

Angular JS development

Angular JavaScript development services provide highly interactive and data driven web applications with optimum quality standards. This technology is the best for Front-End development.

Python development

Masters of Python Developers fulfil the requirements in a logical and creative manner, so that can make much perfect customer-centric for your business.

The principles of our work

We don’t work with freelancers. In our personal opinion, one separate person can’t in a short period work in all these areas at once. We have more than 50 teams and each team has an experience in solution of a great amount of cases. There is a strict selection of teams, only best take an opportunity to work on your project. Our workers always are real people with their own offices. During the selection we primarily look at the recommendations and portfolio. Our teams have an experience with international companies and brands and have a high rating.

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A team includes UX Specialist, UI Specialist, Front-end Web Developer, Back-end Developer. UX/UI designers are important, because user interface is the first thing that users see, but if user experience won’t be user-friendly, that neither fashionable decor doesn’t fix this.

To make education website working you should hire developers: front-end and back-end. A front-end developer make elements like tap gestures and animations, using languages like HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Simply put, front-end developers make your website appearance, and back-end developers make internal logic of your website and interaction with server.

Our teams did the following projects in Education

Google’s 9th May

Team: Appstockus .

World War II was really shocking and epic for the whole world! In Russia, WWII is not as important as The Great Patriotic War, which begun in 1941. Millions of people were dead!

All of them had a person or persons to write to. Giving the letters from those times new life we will remember the heroic acts of bravery of Russian people, fighting against Hitler!

Google’s 9th May

Instant learning with TutorME

Team: KindBeetle .

TutorME is a website that allows students and tutors to find each other using a helpful rating system, for added convenience.

There are nine subject areas with a variety of international test preparation courses to choose from.

Instant learning with TutorME

Codestars are the rockstars of 21st century

Team: Beavers Brothers .

Microsoft Virtual Academy — is the library of free online courses. It consists many interesting information about actual IT technologies from the world-level Microsoft experts! Our goal is to motivate the young specialists to use Microsoft Visual Studio, make them know about Microsoft Virtual Academy (MVA) and, what's more important, make them love it!

Codestars are the rockstars of 21st century

Well-tested process of developing.

At Eulerr the main goal is to deliver the product ASAP. You connect with our product manager and explain what you need. He or she helps to choose appropriate team of web developers. Then we clarify all details and propose visual solution. We use sprints, that help you to monitor each two weeks a team results. The sprints can easily be reorganized in accordance to your needs.

The first two-weeks period is trial. Only after complete satisfying with the results, we will charge you for the time and continue with our collaboration.

Start a new project. No risk, no fees. We practice only
performance payment.

Our professional teams of designers and developers make beautiful and unique Websites.

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