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There is an opinion that the best healthcare practice is to monitor one’s health constantly and avoid coming to doctors and clinics. Nevertheless, most of us need to use medical services. And here comes the question: which clinic is the best? Will doctors heal me instead of pulling out all of my money?

So, the clinic with a qualitative website is in the winning position by the several reasons:

First is that a website provides all the important information about accessible medical services, the specialists’ competences and the available equipment.

More important thing is the impression that the medical center made with well-designed clean and transparent website.

Let’s have a close look at the Eulerr’s competences and principles of work.

We do not work with freelancers. The reason is that, there are too few full-stack (the ones who are able to implement the whole project from UI and UX design to programming, databases, WordPress, CRM and ERP set of works) developers besides freelancers. And even if you find one, it will take too much time and money in comparison to the digital team. We have more than 50 teams of masters in Web Development and each team has an experience in solution of Healthcare cases.

We offer the flexible web-development

Features in Healthcare Website Development

Redesign Frontend without touching the Backend is the thing that is important for websites with the complex functionality like user profile and online medical card access, online entry to the doctor and so on and so forth. If you need some of these features, the developers will implement them, but if you already have all important functionality we wouldn’t replace it – just improve the frontend.

One more thing which is extra important is mobile adapted site version.

By the statistics, more than 60% of users surf the web with their gadgets. That’s why the clinic’s profits will increase if it has nice and clear mobile website version.

Web Development technologies

What technologies in web development our teams can offer exactly?

Python Development. Masters of Python Developers fulfill the requirements in a logical and creative manner, so that can make perfect customer-centric web applications for your business.

Angular JS Development. Angular JS development services provide highly interactive and data driven web applications with optimum quality standards. This technology is the best for Front-End development.

WordPress. Using WordPress, you can easy transform you website by personalized blog, change site eye catching themes, or using extra plugins. WordPress gives you a lot of opportunities to make your site unique.


Our teams did the following projects in Healthcare


Team: Salt and Pepper .

The webpage was built as a part of a pre-order campaign for Daatrics Ltd, a healthcare startup founded in London, introducing their innovative product - next-generation baby monitor. Neebo is a tiny bracelet for babies up to 5 years old which monitors heart rate, oxygen saturation, thermal state and sound in the baby's environment and notify parents in case of necessity. Our team was engaged in making the programming part of the web app.


Well-tested process of developing.

At Eulerr our main goal is to deliver the product ASAP. Firstly, you can connect with our product manager and explain what you need. He helps to choose appropriate a team of custom app iOS developers with expertise relevant to your field. Then we clarify all details and propose visual solution. During the process we use sprints, each two weeks a team brings results. The sprints can easily be reorganized in accordance to your needs. More important here is that you don’t need to wait long to meet the product and you can follow the progress constantly.

No risk

The first two-weeks period is trial. Only after complete satisfying with the results, we will charge you for the time and continue with our collaboration.

Start a new project. No risk, no fees. We practice only
performance payment.

Our professional teams of designers and developers make beautiful and unique Websites.

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